Ann Coulter vs. reality: "The Klan and Stormfront only have, like, seven members"

In the wake of the racially motivated Charleston shooting, Coulter mocked liberals' "fantasies of racist America"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published June 23, 2015 12:48PM (EDT)
 (Fox News)
(Fox News)

Ann Coulter appeared on "The Kelly File" last night ostensibly to discuss the "uproar" over an Associated Press photograph of Ted Cruz at the CrossRoads Shooting Sports store in Johnston, Iowa in which a poster of a large handgun appeared to be aimed directly at his head -- but all she wanted to talk about is how there aren't any racists in America today.

Megyn Kelly began the segment by noting that "if that had been Hillary Clinton or President Obama, the left would have been losing their mind over it." Which is no doubt true, even if it ignores the fact that neither Clinton nor Obama would likely find themselves in an Iowa gun store whose walls were festooned with posters of handguns.

As for the AP's claim that the photographer didn't notice the barrel of a gun appeared to pointed at the GOP presidential hopeful's head, Coulter said "don't insult our intelligence by saying, 'we didn't even notice, who would have seen something like that?'"

She explained that liberals are hypersensitive to images like this when they involve the current president because of "their fantasies about racist America, the flames [of which] are being fanned by America's leading hate-group, the Southern Poverty Law Center," which Coulter can't believe still exists because "the Klan and Stormfront only have, like, seven members."

(Because it's not as if any recent events have proven that white supremacy is still, in fact, an operative ideology large swaths of the country.)

Kelly tacked back to the subject at hand, reminding viewers that Sarah Palin was blamed for the shooting of Gabby Giffords because she used crosshairs on a campaign poster. "God forbid anything should happen to Ted Cruz because of this threatening photo," she said. "Should everyone be more careful if they're going to apply that kind of standard to messaging?"

But Coulter only had one subject on her mind. "Maybe we can back off with the hysteria about America being a racist country every time the sun rises or the wind blows," she said.

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.


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