Bryan Fischer (AP/Troy Maben)

American Family Radio's Bryan Fischer melts down on Twitter: "6/26 is now our 9/11"

"Moral jihadists" on the Supreme Court have "blown up the Twin Towers of truth and righteousness"

Scott Eric Kaufman
June 26, 2015 9:28PM (UTC)

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer is having a bad day. Just the worst. Not as bad as 9/11 but --

[embedtweet id="614446235194363904"]

He's just being hyperbolic, he doesn't really mean to say that --

[embedtweet id="614447075892293632"]

Or maybe he does. Of course, Twitter being Twitter, the responses to Fischer's comparison were intellectually rigorous and dignified:


[embedtweet id="614459811896229888"]

[embedtweet id="614449033755529216"]

[embedtweet id="614461914391810048"]

[embedtweet id="614448881250603008"]

Maybe a different analogy would yield a better response?

[embedtweet id="614446550413115392"]


[embedtweet id="614448400734404609"]

Well -- maybe?

[embedtweet id="614475379739201537"]

Nope -- Twitter was determined to attack him with all decorum his comments deserved:

[embedtweet id="614448539872026625"]

[embedtweet id="614457488771936256"]

[embedtweet id="614462172865921024"]

And that was before the Satanic dancing had even begun:


[embedtweet id="614443417230254085"]

We can only assume he saw something like this:

[embedtweet id="614477439671103488"]

But it was probably more along the lines of this:

[embedtweet id="614475810808803328"]

He did receive kind offers aplenty though:

[embedtweet id="614443722806284288"]

[embedtweet id="614445611195064320"]

We sincerely doubt he appreciated them very much, though.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Scott Eric Kaufman is an assistant editor at Salon. He taught at a university, but then thought better of it. Follow him at @scottekaufman or email him at

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