Love wins -- this awful Chipotle brand tribute does not

The restaurant chain's tone-deaf take on SCOTUS' same-sex marriage ruling is truly next-level

By Colin Gorenstein
Published June 26, 2015 7:30PM (EDT)
     (Shutterstock via Ken Wolter)
(Shutterstock via Ken Wolter)

Chipotle‘s official Twitter feed, @ChipotleTweets, is back in the public conversation once again today. This time, not for an elaborate publicity hack-stunt, unfortunately, but instead for one of the worst brand tributes to #love you'll likely ever see in your lifetime.

Spotted early on by Brands Saying Bae, the Twitter account which serially calls out brands for sounding like desperate "teens" clinging onto relevancy, the commercial Mexican chain tipped its hat to SCOTUS and its marriage ruling by tweeting out this:

[embedtweet id=614503885500231680]

It didn't take long for Twitter users to come out in droves, mocking the restaurant chain for its tone-deaf take.

[embedtweet id=614507111423299584]
[embedtweet id=614505498000232448]
[embedtweet id=614507495671861248]
[embedtweet id=614524501485752320]
[embedtweet id=614507679353057280]
[embedtweet id=614504231542784000]
[embedtweet id=614505752246378496]

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