Amy Schumer makes an incredibly compelling case for why she should be on "Real Housewives"

You can't argue with the facts: Schumer may not be a housewife but she is certainly real

By Colin Gorenstein
July 6, 2015 8:59PM (UTC)
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Amy Schumer (Bravo)

Who says you have to be a housewife to be a Real Housewife? Not Amy! The mastermind behind the forthcoming comedy "Trainwreck," is pretty confident that she has what it takes to land a deal with Bravo for the popular series. And, hey, if she doesn't land one of the major metro areas, there's always "Real Housewives: Secaucus," right? "I'm real. I'm in the house a lot. I am not a wife, but I have had sex with a lot of married people," she says in her audition tape.

Watch courtesy of Bravo below:


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