Key & Peele give men a much-needed lesson on menstruation

The comedy duo takes the stage to deliver some cautionary words

Published July 16, 2015 8:42PM (EDT)

 Key & Peele        (Comedy Central)
Key & Peele (Comedy Central)

Comedy Central duo Key & Peele have made it their mission to educate men on the female anatomy, and occasionally that's meant taking over classrooms and TED talk stages to spout expletives at us.  "Vaginas are like snowflakes -- ask your bitch what she wants," the two once said in the 2013 sketch titled "Cunnilingus Class."

In a clip from Wednesday's episode -- which has been slowly making its rounds on the Internet this week -- Key & Peele took on a TED Talk-like stage to deliver some cautionary words about menstruation: "Be nice to your bitch when she bleedin!"

The duo provides a very simple reason why it's so important: "Every time they pee, it’s like 'The Shining' in the toilet."

To set the mental scene, think: Tom Cruise in "Magnolia," except pro-women.

Watch the clip courtesy of Comedy Central below:

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