You'll never be able to un-see this Rick Santorum GIF

GQ captured the former Pennsylvania senator doing something probably better kept behind closed doors

Published August 6, 2015 10:57PM (EDT)

 Rick Santorum (Credit: Fox News)
Rick Santorum (Credit: Fox News)

(Update: Evidently, this GIF is not from the undercard debate, but given Santorum's performance tonight, we can all agree about its timelessness.)

Debate coaches study their pupils' demeanor as much as they stage-manage their message, offering tips as to how to make points more forcefully and encouraging them to avoid certain physical tics that might undermine their message.

For example, when I debated in high school, my coach noticed that when I wanted to be vehement, I would bring my right hand to my chest, palm down, and thrust it out in a manner that veered a little too close a Nazi salute.

Which is my way of saying that somewhere out there, Rick Santorum's debate coaches are in a very, very bad way:

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