Donald Trump's disgusting new attack on Megyn Kelly: She had "blood coming out of her wherever"

The unapologetic misogynist goes full Donald during vile new CNN interview. UPDATE: Trump responds

Published August 8, 2015 11:21AM (EDT)

  (Reuters/Nancy Wiechec)
(Reuters/Nancy Wiechec)

Twenty-four hours after comparing Rosie O'Donnell to a farm animal, Donald Trump reminded the nation he's capable of so much worse Friday night during a phone interview with "CNN Tonight's" Don Lemon. Dismissing Megyn Kelly as a "lightweight" and a "highly overrated" journalist, Trump capped off his fusillade by suggesting the Fox News host was having her period during Thursday's Republican debates. "There was blood coming out of her eyes," he told a dumbfounded Lemon. "Blood coming out of her wherever."

This is not The Donald's first attack on Kelly. After the co-moderator had the temerity to question his long, gnarly history of misogyny, a question for which he could only bloviate about "political correctness," Trump lashed out at "The Kelly File" host as "unprofessional" and a "bimbo." And while those remarks made headlines Friday, The Donald's latest belch is already reverberating across the Republican Party. Erick Erickson has disinvited Trump from a RedState gathering, while fellow presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has denounced his remarks on Twitter.

One might question the hypocrisy of a man who called a Supreme Court justice a "goat-fucking child molester" claiming the moral high ground or a devoted antiabortionist defending women's bodies, but that is for another day. For now we're left to wonder whether the Republican Party will have Trump to kick around at all.

Listen to Trump's Kelly remarks at CNN.

UPDATE: Donald Trump has responded as only he can -- by calling Erick Erickson a "loser" and the media a collection of "deviants." Read his full statement below:

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