Twitter activists slam St. Louis County officials for Ferguson response with #WhichEmergency hashtag

"#WhichEmergency? The one where affirming my humanity makes me a threat?"

Scott Eric Kaufman
August 11, 2015 5:29PM (UTC)

Shortly after St. Louis County officials declared a state of emergency last night in response to protesters marking the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, activists on Twitter did something odd, agreeing with county officials and tweeting that there is, in fact, a state of emergency in St. Louis County -- just not the one the officials had declared:

[embedtweet id="630983367303888896"]


[embedtweet id="630989711364853760"]

[embedtweet id="631033219517775873"]

[embedtweet id="630947413067304961"]

[embedtweet id="630959113242058752"]

[embedtweet id="630956519933087744"]

[embedtweet id="630941636957073408"]

[embedtweet id="630938892955426816"]


[embedtweet id="630933160294019072"]

[embedtweet id="630916673923452928"]

[embedtweet id="631089832161210368"]

[embedtweet id="631070264416206848"]

[embedtweet id="631069914133078016"]

[embedtweet id="631065234254397440"]

[embedtweet id="631087258045583360"]


[embedtweet id="631058071519895552"]

Because, of course:

[embedtweet id="631087605187264512"]

Scott Eric Kaufman

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