Team Taylor or Team Miley? Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris fight it out on Twitter

It all started—as these things do—when Miley went public with her laid-back attitude on music streaming fees ...

Published August 18, 2015 3:26PM (EDT)

  (AP/Chris Pizzello)
(AP/Chris Pizzello)

Less than a month after Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift went at it on Twitter (with some added input from Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry), Swift inadvertently finds herself at the center of another 140-character conflict.

Earlier this week, ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik retweeted a meme favorably comparing Miley Cyrus’ laissez-faire approach to the streaming economy with Taylor Swift’s more draconian views. Swift’s boyfriend Calvin Harris, sniffing some (bad) blood in the water, quickly jumped in to defend her.

Here’s the meme Zayn retweeted, now deleted from the original account:

And here is Harris’ response, which, according to Malik's fans, was aimed directly at the former One Direction star:

Malik, for his part, didn’t appreciate being talked down to by the (slightly older, not exactly denture-wearing) EDM producer.

Harris, clearly well-versed in the Taylor Swift School of public relations, then tried to calm tensions:

Grammaticians: Remain on high alert in the event of a Katy Perry response.

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