This video demonstrates how rats can swim up your toilet bowl and will turn you into a life-long squatter

"It's scary, but it does happen"

By Lindsay Abrams

Published August 18, 2015 7:34PM (EDT)

  (Screenshot, National Geographic)
(Screenshot, National Geographic)

Once, while walking down the streets of Manhattan, I saw -- I swear to God -- a bunch of rats that were the size of small dogs. My friend Nicole was there, and she can confirm it happened:


(She's laughing because she moved away from New York last month, and no longer has to deal with this shit, and is obviously feeling very smug about it.)

My only consolation, at the time, was knowing that at least those rats can't swim their way through the sewers and into my toilet bowl.

Then I saw this video from National Geographic, and I learned just how wrong I was. It cannot be unlearned, which I am incredibly sorry about. I am also sorry to admit that the only thing I can think to do during this very trying time is to share this knowledge with everyone. Together, perhaps we can begin to heal:

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