"You're dead wrong": Gavin Newsom calls Mike Huckabee out for "trolling" him on same-sex marriage

Huckabee said that Kim Davis was no different than Gavin Newsom, but the former SF mayor begged to differ

Scott Eric Kaufman
September 8, 2015 5:03PM (UTC)

On Monday's edition of "Fox & Friends," former Arkansas Governor and current fringe GOP candidate Mike Huckabee insisted that Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis -- whom he will be visiting in jail later today -- belongs to a long line of constitutional scholars starting with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Abraham Lincoln, all of whom defied legal precedent when it contradicted moral code.

Huckabee was merely reiterating comments he made on Sunday, when he told George Stephanopoulos that Davis followed her conscience much like former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. Huckabee believes, mistakenly, that Newsom violated federal law when he officiated same-sex marriages during the brief window in which they were legal in California.


"You’ve got Democrats who ignored the law when it was the law to have traditional marriage," he said. "Gavin Newsom in San Francisco as mayor, performed same-sex weddings even though it was illegal. Did he ever get put in jail? He most certainly did not."

While this alleged defiance would certainly place Newsom in an august panoply of political thinkers, there's one problem with it -- it didn't happen, and Newsom took to Twitter to tell Huckabee as much.

Huckabee replied:


To which Newsom said:

Huckabee, it seems, didn't appreciate the accusation of "trolling":

Watch the entire interview via Fox News below.

Scott Eric Kaufman

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