Watch Colbert indulge in an “all you can Trump” oreo buffet

The new "Late Show" host promised Trump jokes, and he did not disappoint

Published September 9, 2015 12:41PM (EDT)

Stephen Colbert (YouTube/CBS)
Stephen Colbert (YouTube/CBS)

On his first evening as “Late Show” host, Stephen Colbert promised that his show would cover "all the presidential candidates who are Donald Trump” -- and the man kept his word. Pivoting from Trump’s remarks that he was swearing off Oreos after Nabisco moved its plant to Mexico, Colbert launched into a brilliant segment where he alternated between watching Trump clips and gorging himself on stacks of the delicious cream-filled cookies.

While the new “Late Show” may take some warming up to, “Colbert Report” fans will be relieved to see that Colbert remains, as ever, one of our all-time greatest onscreen eaters.

Stephen Colbert Dares Donald Trump to Come on His Show

By Anna Silman

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