Jindal’s last ditch effort: to jokingly propose Charlie Sheen as Donald Trump's "winning" running mate

Rachel Maddow talks GOP candidates stuck at the bottom of the polls

Published September 10, 2015 7:38PM (EDT)

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow dissected a recent South Carolina poll in which 13 out of 17 candidates were below 5 percent.

She took some time to focus on Bobby Jindal's latest campaign effort: a Charlie Sheen-Donald Trump video mashup where they both overuse "winning" jargon.

Charlie Sheen had a public meltdown in 2011 all the while bizarrely maintaining that he was "winning."

Jindal, who had a score of one percent in the poll, said in his last-ditch-effort video "It's time to get serious."

In response Maddow commented "It is very funny to see Charlie Sheen compared to Donald Trump like that," adding "It is also very funny when they propose at the end of it is the way to get serious about running for president is Bobby Jindal."

Take a look below:

Bobby Jindal: 'The President Got Conned By The Iranians'

By Asha Parker

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