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Donald Trump's 9/11 problem: He'd rather defend his hair's honor than remember the American dead

Trump's priorities on 9/11 are always skewed — in 2013 he used it to settle a grudge with "haters and losers"

Scott Eric Kaufman
September 11, 2015 8:33PM (UTC)

Donald Trump had a lot on his mind when he went on Twitter this morning. From the look of his timeline, it appears the first item was the most literal:

It was only after he defended his hair's honor that he remembered there was something else a Republican presidential candidate ought to say on this, the most holy day in the Giulianian Calendar:


Trump's relationship to 9/11 is more complicated than one would assume given his status as a prominent New Yorker:

That's a screen capture of his original tweet, which has since been deleted. A re-tweet of that original tweet by the Donald himself remains in his feed however:

The re-tweet's continued existence is most likely a matter of oversight, but it does indicate that -- at least initially -- Trump thought the idea that mocking "haters and losers" on 9/11 was an idea not only worth expressing once, but repeating again the next day, just in case any of the aforementioned missed it the first time.


Or, perhaps, they missed it entirely, because maybe the "haters and losers" in question were the victims of 9/11. If Trump believes that prisoners of war can't be "war heroes" because they were captured, and he "doesn't like people who were captured," it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Trump doesn't like "losers" who are killed in terrorist attacks either. They could have been "winning," after all, but instead were just dying.

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Scott Eric Kaufman

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