Bernie Sanders: The Republicans are "getting away with murder" in GOP debates

"They're not being challenged" by each other, leading to disastrous distortions of the real issues facing Americans

Published September 18, 2015 12:57PM (EDT)

  (AP/David Becker)
(AP/David Becker)

Vermont Senator and potential Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to Rachel Maddow Thursday evening about Wednesday night's Republican debate, which he "quit [watching] after two and a half hours" because it "just sucked [the energy] out of my body."

He asked a series of questions that may as well have been rhetorical, since all of them had the same answer. "In terms of the major issues facing America, did you hear one word from anybody who said, well, you know, climate change is a real threat to the planet, we need bold action?" he asked. "No."

"Did you hear one person say, well, the real value of the minimum wage has declined significantly over the years, we need to raise the minimum wage? No. Did you hear one person say one word about 30 million Americans not having any health insurance, and the United States being the only major country in the world that doesn't provide health care to all people or family or medical leave?"

The central problem with the debates, even in the primary process, is that Republicans are being allowed to talk amongst themselves, as opposed to being confronted with the insanity of their preferred talking points. "I think the more debates, the merrier," he said after Maddow suggested politically desegregated debates even during primary season. "I think that Republicans get away with murder because they are never challenged."

Watch the entire interview below via "The Rachel Maddow Show."

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By Scott Eric Kaufman

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