Tracy Morgan is back: The comedian makes triumphant — and funny — return at last night's Emmys

The comedian made his first Hollywood appearance since June 2014's devastating highway crash

Published September 21, 2015 1:52PM (EDT)


Last night’s most moving Emmy moment was the surprise return of Tracy Morgan, who showed up to present the evening's final award in his first Hollywood appearance since being injured in a devastating highway crash 15 months ago.

“I missed you guys so much,” said Morgan, whose arrival was greeted with a standing ovation. "Last year, Jimmy Kimmel said on stage 'I'll see you next year, Tracy Morgan.' Well, Jimmy. Thanks to my doctors and the support of my family and my beautiful new wife, I'm here standing on my own two feet.”

Though much of the speech was somber — and left the crowd inside LA’s Microsoft Theater, including “30 Rock” costars Jane Krakowski and Tina Fey, visibly misty eyed — Morgan threw in some moments of levity, saying that after he woke up from his eight day coma he was “just ecstatic to learn that [he] wasn’t the one who messed up,” and that since he was finally starting to feel like himself again, “a whole lot of you all women gonna get pregnant at the after-party.”

While Morgan is scheduled to host “SNL” in October, the surprise appearence was the brainchild of Morgan’s publicist Lewis Kay, according to a post-show interview with Morgan that ran in The Hollywood Reporter. "[Kay] said, 'What you want to do is let Hollywood welcome you home.' And I loved that idea. I loved the idea of getting back with my community, the show business community. I loved it,” Morgan told THR, adding that being on the Emmy stage "means I'm home”

"The love and support that I've been shown by many of the people [in the Microsoft Theater] helped get me through the tough times,” he continued. "Speaking to people like Steve Martin and Lorne Michaels, people who were there, that meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to me."

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