Donald Trump livetweets Democratic debate with smug self-regard: "Sorry, there is no STAR on stage tonight"

The Donald plays to type as he watches the Democratic hopefuls' performance in Vegas

By Sophia Tesfaye
October 14, 2015 7:52AM (UTC)
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Donald Trump promised to live-tweet a Democratic presidential debate he called a snooze fest, and he delivered, sending more than 60 tweets over the more than two-hour CNN debate tonight.

But in true Trump fashion, he mostly just retweeted insults of the Democratic candidates and praise for himself from his supporters all night:


Of the the few tweets that Trump did write, he started out well enough:

Before going down his usual path:

Eventually, Trump seemed to give up interest in the debate, directing his supporters to watch a speech of his own on a competing network:

Watch highlights from the debate:
[jwplayer file="" image=""][/jwplayer]

Sophia Tesfaye

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