"Black Lies Matter" Sheriff to Hannity: Democratic candidates playing "plantation politics" by "whoring for black votes"

David Clarke said #BlackLivesMatter is " an ideology of victimhood with a list of grievances that do not exist"

Published October 15, 2015 12:47PM (EDT)

 Sean Hannity (Credit: Fox News)
Sean Hannity (Credit: Fox News)

On "Hannity" Wednesday evening, Sean Hannity hosted a heated discussion about the #BlackLivesMatter movement with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke -- who was last seen on the program rechristening the group "Black Lies Matter" -- and Fox News contributor Juan Williams.

The discussion focused on the Democratic candidate's answers on Tuesday as to whether "all lives matter" or "black live matters." All but Jim Webb answered that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is significant, given that it is founded on a specific set of complaints about the treatment of the black community by law enforcement.

But Sheriff Clarke could barely contain his disdain for what he called the "plantation politics" of "the Democrat Party that continues to enslave" the black community.

"They're whoring for votes," he added. "They know what they're doing. The liberal ideology has been very destructive for the black community for the last fifty or sixty years. Poverty is now generational -- it's a lifestyle."

Williams attempted to counter, saying that "there's a real issue of excessive use of police force in the country," but Clarke cut him off, saying "No, there isn't. No, there isn't. It's an ideology of victimhood with a list of grievances that do not exist."

"He says there isn't," Williams replied. "There’s no argument that clearly there’s an issue if you have Michael Brown, if you have Eric Garner, if you can go on."

He continued, arguing that "there's a context" to the #BlackLivesMatter movement that Hannity and Clarke are deliberately ignoring -- a point which the pair immediately proved correct, with Clarke saying "the better question to have asked those Democrat candidates last night is 'Do babies lives in the womb matter?'"

"That would have been a good question," Hannity replied.

Watch the interview on "Hannity" below via Fox News.

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