Trevor Noah smacks down Bernie Sanders' fans: "Online doesn't count"

A poll taken online? Nope. "It’s sort of the same reason your geeky cousin is still a virgin," Noah says

Christine Jun
October 20, 2015 8:09PM (UTC)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah had a chuckle over the media and the internet's disagreement over who won the Democratic debate.

He pointed out that, according to CNN’s first poll since the debate, Hillary Clinton was declared to be the “clear winner,” and “ruled the stage” by 62 percent. Simultaneously, numerous other CNN talk show hosts claimed that Bernie Sanders had won “hands down” online.


Apparently Sanders was the most Tweeted, Facebooked, and Google-searched Democratic candidate of the night, proving particularly popular with millennials.

But as Noah saliently pointed out: “The Internet is saying that Bernie Sanders won the debate and the media is saying, ‘sorry, the Internet doesn’t apply here.’ It’s sort of the same reason your geeky cousin is still a virgin: online doesn’t count.”



Watch the clip below:

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