Christine Jun

Watch Kendrick Lamar crash a wedding to dance: A clueless guest orders him to "get the f*ck out" Christine Jun
“Daddy Don’t Go” smashes stereotypes of disadvantaged "deadbeat" dads: "Stability is the biggest gift that you get when you enter the middle class" Christine Jun
Veterans hope MDMA can cure their PTSD: "It's hard to talk about because it’s the elephant in the room" Christine Jun
Louisiana police kill 6-year-old boy after high-speed pursuit Christine Jun
Geraldo Rivera accuses Obama of ignoring a "ghetto civil war" Christine Jun
Paging "Dr. Ken": A TV show that should be one small step forward for Asian-Americans feels like two giant steps back Christine Jun
Steve Jobs, messiah to jerks: Are we worshiping innovation, or just the freedom to be an a**hole? Christine Jun
Trevor Noah smacks down Bernie Sanders' fans: "Online doesn't count" Christine Jun
Meet the South's latest Confederate-flag loving jackass: Elected official says "It has nothing to do with race or anything" Christine Jun
America's dumbest governor appoints creationist as education commissioner: Today in Tea Party lunacy Christine Jun
No Haitians need apply: Horribly racist help wanted ad sparks outrage, investigation Christine Jun
Fox News' dimmest bulb offers gross tipping defense, likes to "slap down" to impress waitresses Christine Jun
WATCH: Seth MacFarlane introduces Bernie Sanders with a bizarre Bill Cosby joke Christine Jun
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