Louisiana police kill 6-year-old boy after high-speed pursuit

The boy's father, in critical condition, was on the run after being served a warrant by police

Published November 4, 2015 9:55PM (EST)

A Louisiana state investigation has been opened after law enforcement officers killed a 6-year-old boy named Jeremy Mardis on Tuesday evening. Pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said that Mardis was “caught in the line of fire” in the passenger seat of his father's fleeing vehicle.

Although it's unclear if the father, Chris Few, was armed, city marshals apparently  “discharged their duty weapons, at a vehicle” in pursuit of Few in Marksville.

Few first fled from city marshals trying to serve him a warrant, but eventually reached a dead end. Officers claimed that after Few’s SUV backed into one of their own vehicles, the marshals got out of their patrol cars and began firing through the driver’s window. Few is in critical condition after being air-lifted to an Alexandria hospital. 

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