"I haven't seen a list this crazy since the 10 Commandments": Trevor Noah lets Paul Ryan have it

Better call Paul: "The Daily Show" breaks down Ryan's nuttiest demands to take the House speakership

Published October 22, 2015 10:25AM (EDT)

Trevor Noah thinks it's funny that Paul Ryan is about to take the job "no Republican wants," even Paul Ryan. On Wednesday's "Daily Show," the host walked through the eye-rolling Ryan evolution of "I can't do this because of my children" to "I must do this for my children's future."

"You really think that's what your kids are going to be asking you in the future," Noah said. "And what's your reply? 'What can I say, kids, back in 2015 I honestly thought the future hinged on who would be House Speaker. Not the fight against climate change. Now, get your scuba gear on and come down for dinner.'"

The GOP was so grateful for the latest savior that Darrell Issa didn't even hear anyone booing! But Paul Ryan knows that his people are desperate, so he's not coming cheap. He has a list of demands: All the caucuses must come together, the vote to remove Boehner must be a majority and he refuses to give up his family time.

"I haven't seen a list this crazy since the 10 Commandments," Noah said. Thanks to help from the "Daily Show's" Jessica Williams they have a list of the Ryan demands that the media isn't talking about.

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By Sarah Burris

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