"Netflix and kill baby Hitler": A massive Twitter pile-on mocks the New York Times' time-travel vigilante poll

The New York Times Magazine polls its readers over a classic conundrum, and Twitter users lost their minds

Published October 23, 2015 7:46PM (EDT)


On this sunny Friday afternoon, The New York Times Magazine inexplicably decided to poll its readers on whether or not they would go back and kill Hitler as a baby, given the option (worst "Back to the Future" brand tie-in ever).

Ultimately, 42 percent of readers said they would, 30 percent said they wouldn't, and 28 percent said they weren't sure. Meanwhile, a seeming 100 percent of Twitter users found the whole proposition ridiculous, and chimed in with droll 140-character rebuttals to that effect. Take a look!

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By Anna Silman

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