"Congress is always going to be full of sh*t. You know that. We all know that": Seth Meyers sees right through Paul Ryan

"After five years as Speaker the part of John Boehner that feels has been ground down to a fine powder."

Sarah Burris
October 29, 2015 1:41PM (UTC)

Every single time Seth Meyers takes a "Closer Look" at something in the world of politics on "Late Night," he crushes it. This isn't hyperbole, even a fact checker would find it "mostly true."

Wednesday evening, Meyers poked fun at Paul Ryan's new gig he's never wanted as Man of the House. Everyone has been clear that the gym rat has a million other things he would rather be doing than heading up Congress. Meyers even showed a clip of Bill O'Reilly saying he should be forced to do it. "That's Bill O'Reilly talking about Paul Ryan the way a mob boss yells into the phone: 'Oh, he doesn't want to do it? How about we break his fingers?'"


Lucky for Ryan, he gets to start out without any looming problems. Current Speaker John Boehner negotiated the two-year budget deal because he "wanted to do [his] best to clean the barn," claiming he didn't want Ryan to "walk into a dirty barn full of you-know-what."

"Look, you can pass all the budget deals you want, Boehner, Congress is always going to be full of shit. You know that. We all know that. 'Til you get rid of the horses, there's going to be shit there," Meyers joked.



Check out the full video below:

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