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Trump on the offensive: He may have stolen Reagan's slogan, but he's violating his 11th Commandment, repeatedly

"Nice guy" John Kasich "got lucky with a thing called 'fracking,'" the front-runner said

Scott Eric Kaufman
October 29, 2015 4:44AM (UTC)

GOP front-runner -- at least in states not named "Iowa" -- Donald Trump is on the offensive tonight, attacking his fellow Republicans mercilessly for every perceived slight.

After Ohio Governor John Kasich had the temerity to point out that the tax plans being proffered by his opponents are unrealistic, Trump stated that "he got lucky with a thing called 'fracking,' he got lucky, and that's why Ohio is doing well. That's important for you to know."


Trump then accused Kasich of being a managing partner at Lehman Brothers "when it went down the tubes and almost took every one of us with it -- including Ben [Carson] and myself. He was on the board and was a managing general partner."

While Kasich laughed off camera, Trump continued, saying that Kasich claimed to be "so nice, such a nice guy," who promised "I'm never going to attack, but then his poll numbers tanked -- that's why he's on the end. You can have him. You can have him."

Kasich noted that he was not, in fact, on the board of Lehman Brothers, but merely banked with them.


Watch Trump's rant on Kasich below:

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Watch a live-stream of the debate below via YouTube.

Scott Eric Kaufman

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