Twitter howls as Jeb! restarts campaign with "Jeb Can Fix It" slogan

It's like his campaign forgot the Internet exists when it came up with his new slogan

By Scott Eric Kaufman
November 2, 2015 8:51PM (UTC)
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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush -- he's just "Jeb" now, as exclamation points are so October -- has adopted a new campaign slogan designed to "summon the courage to give rise to an era of new possibility," because America is broken and only "Jeb Can Fix It."

The slogan does not refer to the 2000 presidential election, but the fact that it reminds everyone of the role his administration played in putting his brother in the White House is going to be problematic. Don't take my word for it:


It's not just the "fix" that's going to cause problems, there's also the antecedentless "it":

It must have tested well, despite the very real possibility of some confusion:

Of course, the sense of unearned and undeserved accolades in the slogan might remind people of another Bush brother:


Watch how “Jeb Can Fix It” is backfiring:

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