5 reasons Dana Carvey's new show "First Impressions" could be the hit he deserves

Watch "Saturday Night Live's" greatest impressionist mimic everyone from Putin to "Michael Caine as God"

Published November 6, 2015 4:36PM (EST)

   (The Hollywood Reporter)
(The Hollywood Reporter)

For our latest dose of nostalgia-fueled pop culture programming, Dana Carvey will mentor amateur impressionists on a new USA show called "First Impressions", Variety reports.

"There are so many great impressionists and 'First Impressions' gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents," Carvey said in a statement. "Besides, I've always enjoyed watching an impressionist nail somebody — as in capture their voice. Now I get paid to watch.”

While Carvey was one of the biggest talents to ever grace the “Saturday Night Live” stage -- doing over 56 different impressions during his tenure — most of his post “SNL” projects have been failures to launch.

But even though he doesn't have the current pop culture cachet of a Mike Myers or a Will Ferrell, Carvey remains one of our greatest living chameleons. Even when he’s not promoting anything, late night hosts are always happy to have him on and hear him work those impressive vocal muscles, so we’re cautiously optimistic that this project could be a good fit, given how well it plays to Carvey’s unique skill-set.

While everyone knows the impressions he pioneered on “SNL” — like his incomparable George H.W. Bush — Carvey still has plenty of new tricks up his sleeve. In honor of his potential TV comeback, here's a look at some of his best impressionis over the past year.

Paul McCartney:

Johnny Carson, updated for the modern age:

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin:

Liam Neeson:

And of course, Barack Obama (along with two other Presidents and ‘Michael Caine as God’):

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