Poor Dov Charney: The loathed ex-American Apparel CEO can't afford a lawyer now

Charney continues his downward spiral with a petition to the judge presiding over his current legal battle

Published November 6, 2015 9:07PM (EST)

Dov Charney       (Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)
Dov Charney (Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)

According to Bloomberg, ousted American Apparel CEO and notorious pervert Dov Charney says he’s so broke that he can’t afford to pay his lawyer — despite the fact that still he lives in a 11,000 square foot L.A. mansion.

Charney was booted off American Apparel’s board in 2014 for a series of issues including sexual harassment allegations and financial mismanagement, and has since engaged in a legal battle to regain control of his company. However, American Apparel’s recent bankruptcy filing reportedly caused his net-worth -- composed largely of American Apparel stock -- to plummet.

On Wednesday, Charney penned a letter to the judge presiding over his legal battle with American Apparel backer and hedge fund Standard General.

“As you may know, I was fired by American Apparel, the company I founded in Montreal over three decades ago, with no severance or otherwise,” he wrote. "All of my shareholder interests have been wiped out, and I have depleted my savings on defending my life’s work and legal rights.”

Going forward, Charney is planning on representing himself in the suit. He still has some lawyers working for him on the “handful” of other suits he is fighting.

According to Bloomberg, last December Charney claimed to be down to his last $100,000, and was sleeping on a friend's couch in the Lower East Side. Now might be a good time to sell off that mansion and go back to couch-surfing, eh Dov?

American Apparel Founder Loses Everything In Company's Bankruptcy

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