"Welp, that was grim and pointless": Patton Oswalt makes the GOP debate almost bearable

The comedian shows us how to survive the presidential silly season: With relentless, mordant mockery

Published November 11, 2015 5:32PM (EST)

 patton_oswalt (AP/Chris Pizzello)
patton_oswalt (AP/Chris Pizzello)

As GOP debates become bi-weekly affairs, with anti-everything soundbites consumed by the 24-hour white noise cycle, last night's debate promised all the edge-of-your-seat excitement (and none of the substance) of a Philosophy 101 syllabus.

Luckily for all of us, Patton Oswalt did the due diligence of not only watching, but translating the snooze-button debate into 140 characters worth paying attention to--albeit with some necessary help:

[embedtweet id="664260030204481536"]

On Carson:

[embedtweet id="664262305320800256"]

[embedtweet id="664263148698927104"]

[embedtweet id="664263355750723584"]

[embedtweet id="664269037992415232"]

[embedtweet id="664287670038757376"]

[embedtweet id="664293954922287104"]

On Trump:

[embedtweet id="664269664223035392"]

[embedtweet id="664296048819499009"]

On Rubio:

[embedtweet id="664264180946464768"]

[embedtweet id="664264414686654465"]

On foreign policy:

[embedtweet id="664281841080250368"]

[embedtweet id="664282362600001540"]

[embedtweet id="664284509685153793"]

On the cute li'l "game show" bell:

[embedtweet id="664265117840703488"]

[embedtweet id="664272783640289280"]

On Phil Collins:

[embedtweet id="664279897951436800"]

In summation:

[embedtweet id="664291427011026944"]

And in conclusion:

[embedtweet id="664296788296208384"]

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