"I guess you got what you say you wanted": Right-wingers blame gun control, lash out at Obama over San Bernardino shootings

Details are still scare, but conservatives are flooding Twitter with racism, NRA talking points and even jokes

Published December 2, 2015 10:18PM (EST)


Details on today's deadly shooting rampage in San Bernardino are just beginning to emerge, but conservatives are already responding with cookie cutter-like predictability on Twitter. As 14 people lay dead and more than a dozen are being treated for wounds, these keyboard warriors are polluting the Internet with the same kinds of ill-advised humor and crass arguments that inevitably follow America's weekly mass shooting...

Watch firsthand accounts from friends and family waiting outside the scene of the San Bernadino shooting:

[jwplayer file="http://media.salon.com/2015/12/sanbernadinoshooting.janetupadhye.12.2.2015.mp4" image="http://media.salon.com/2015/12/Screen-Shot-2015-12-02-at-2.04.06-PM.png"][/jwplayer]

Watch our recap of what 2016 presidential candidates have said about the San Bernardino shooting:
[jwplayer file="http://media.salon.com/2015/12/SanBernardino.Asha_.1242015.mp4" image="http://media.salon.com/2015/12/2016-gop-candidates-debate1.jpg"][/jwplayer]

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