Jeb Bush suggests that Trump's campaign is a Democratic false flag conspiracy after The Donald flirts with a third party bid, again

"Maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy Hillary Clinton," Jeb tweeted after a poll showed 68% would dump GOP

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published December 8, 2015 9:02PM (EST)

  (AP/Andrew Harnik)
(AP/Andrew Harnik)

A massive majority of Donald Trump’s supporters would abandon the Republican Party to support him should he wage a third party challenge, leading to his eventual general election loss, according to a new poll, so now rival Jeb Bush is lashing out at the Republican presidential frontrunner, propagating a right-wing conspiracy theory that Trump's campaign is part of a Democratic plot to help Hillary Clinton secure the general election.

"Maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy Hillary Clinton," the former Florida governor who has seen his campaign stall out tweeted on Tuesday afternoon after Trump boasted about a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll showing that 68 percent of his supporters indicated that they would rather support Trump's independent run than the eventual GOP presidential nominee if it isn't Trump.

"A new poll indicates that 68% of my supporters would vote for me if I departed the GOP & ran as an independent," Trump shared with this Twitter and Facebook followers on Tuesday, threatening a third party run for the gazillionth time:

Finding a bit of free time on the campaign trail where he currently polls at 3 percent in New Hampshire, Bush swiftly responded to Trump's on-again, off-again flirtation with an independent bid, floating the idea that Trump's antics may actually be part of a grand design to sabotage Republican chances at the White House:

Jeb's apparent endorsement of this Trump as a false flag conspiracy theory comes exactly a week after Glenn Beck floated a similar explanation for Trump's rise.

"What are the odds that he is a spoiler?" Beck asked about Trump during his radio program last Tuesday. "What are the odds that he got into this because he's friend with the Clintons and he'll get massive payback? If Hillary Clinton gets in because he ran third party, do you know the favor they're going to owe him?"

Watch Beck explain his Trump conspiracy theory, via Right Wing Watch:

By Sophia Tesfaye

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