Erick Erickson's mother calls him a liar: "Somebody is making that up about my son" she said of his tweet about boycotting "Asian" food on December 7th

Erickson replied by tweeting insultingly about the intelligence of all septuagenarians, because he's a class act

Published December 9, 2015 9:23PM (EST)

 Erick Erickson (Credit: Fox News) (Fox News)
Erick Erickson (Credit: Fox News) (Fox News)

When Erick Erickson tried to buff his American credentials earlier this week by claiming that "growing up I remember my parents never letting us have Asian food on December 7th" -- the anniversary of the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor -- rational people just assumed that Erickson was merely another example of fruit not falling far from the poisonous tree.

But as it turns out, rational though they may be, these people were incorrect. Gawker's J.K. Trotter contacted Erickson's mother to inquire about this bigoted family tradition, and she was flabbergasted. "I've never heard that before," she said. "Whatever you heard, I think that is completely your idea. I have never heard of that before. Somebody is making that up about my son."

That "somebody" is, of course, her son Erick Erickson:

But that's not what his mother wanted to hear, instead turning the conversation to what I can personally attest, as a native of Louisiana, is the Official State Deflection -- Jesus Christ. "What do you think of Jesus Christ?" Ms. Erickson asked Trotter, who replied that "he is obviously an important figure in Christian theology."

"Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior, Mr. Trotter," Ms. Erickson said. "He is the King of Kings. And he is coming again. So I hope and pray that you are Christian, Mr. Trotter. I will add you to my prayer list."

When Gawker called her back for a fact-check, Ms. Erickson extemporized on the quality of Asian cuisine. "As far as Asian food," she said, "we love Asian food. As far as the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, I’m very grateful that many of the Japanese people became Christian. We know many people who are Japanese, they are a very nice people."

For his part, Erickson's response to Gawker's article basically amounted to insulting the intelligence of all septuagenarians:

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