“They are going out of their way to f*ck me”: Tarantino slams Disney over "Star Wars" and "Hateful Eight" clash

The filmmaker told Howard Stern that the Mouse muscled his movie out of his favorite theater to get "Star Wars" in

Published December 16, 2015 6:34PM (EST)

Quentin Tarantino (Virginia Mayo)
Quentin Tarantino (Virginia Mayo)

Quentin Tarantino was “moved to [rage] tears” while promoting his new movie, “The Hateful Eight,” this morning on The Howard Stern Show.

Tarantino used the platform to complain that Disney planned to box out his latest film from ArcLight’s iconic three-projector Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. “The Hateful Eight” was set to begin a two-week run at the Cinerama Dome on Christmas Day.

“I grew up in Los Angeles, so I think of the Cinerama Dome as a real big deal,” Tarantino told Stern. “I’d imagined seeing it at the Cinerama Dome.”

According to Tarantino, Disney threatened to pull “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” from all ArcLight locations if the theater honored its contract with “The Hateful Eight” and denied Disney an extended holiday season run of the latest edition of the “Star Wars” franchise. 

“They are going out of their way to fuck me,” Tarantino said. “They didn’t need to be this vindictive.”

Stern generously threw his weight behind Tarantino's cause, Godfather-style. "Will you let me handle this now?" Stern said, appealing directly to "Bobby" — Disney CEO Bob Iger, with whom Stern has partied, apparently, in the past, and who "does listen to the show religiously" — to let Tarantino screen in his favorite theater "for me."

"It's Christmas, for Chrissakes, the guy had no father," Stern joked, referring to Tarantino's estranged father, who criticized Tarantino's police brutality protest on Sean Hannity's show. “Bob, if you never met your dad and he’s on fucking Hannity, calling you wrong …”

“I’ve never seen you do anything quite so sweet,” Tarantino told Stern.

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