Fox News explains "the moment everyone's talking about": Hillary Clinton's "mysterious" disappearance during Saturday night's debate

The Boston Globe's Annie Linskey reported it, but without the evident glee of Fox News

Published December 21, 2015 2:28PM (EST)

  (Fox News)
(Fox News)

The Boston Globe's Annie Linksey reported Sunday that Hillary Clinton's absence from the podium during the previous evening's Democratic debate was, in fact, "[a]n unexpected line for the loo" -- which was, of course, always the most likely reason for her delay.

According to Linksey, Lis Smith -- Martin O'Malley's "caffeine-guzzling deputy campaign manager" -- beat the former secretary of state to the restroom, and was allowed to use it first by a Clinton staffer "who was strategically posted outside the bathroom (presumably to avoid these kinds of situations)."

Clinton apologized when she returned to the stage, but for Fox News viewers -- who, to be frank, weren't interested in listening to what she had to say anyway -- that momentary absence was "easily the highlight of the debate."

Fox News' attention on this story is particularly confusing because one of the key demands made during the mob-style GOP debate summit was that moderators would not be allowed to acknowledge when candidates take bathroom breaks.

Watch the Fox News report on "the moment everyone's talking about" below.

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