Fox News hosts: Radical Islam is filling the void left behind when "they" suck the joy out of Christmas

Stuart Varney and Todd Starnes are celebrating what is "finally a victory in the War on Christmas"

Published December 24, 2015 3:01PM (EST)

Todd Starnes (Fox News)
Todd Starnes (Fox News)

On "Varney & Co." Wednesday evening, Fox Business News host Stuart Varney and failed Christian hipster Todd Starnes were discussing a victory on the War on Christmas that sounded very much like a defeat, but they'll take what they get, we suppose.

The duo were discussing the decision by a school district to reverse its verdict on a Hello Kitty Christmas display and allow it remain in a classroom.

"In this case, no one even complained -- the principal was just very concerned that someone might take offense,” Starnes said. The principal "actually told the teacher who had had a Christmas tree in her room for 30 years — 30 years! — that this tree might cause someone to be offended because it represents a religion."

"I'm really angry about it," Varney said, sounding very English and not the least bit angry at all.

"She said that they’re just sucking the joy out of Christmas,” Starnes explained. "That’s exactly what they’re doing."

"Just sucking the joy out of Christmas," Varney repeated with a theatrically heavy heart, at which point the conversation turned very serious.

"And look at what’s filling the void,” Starnes replied. "You’ve got the rise of Islam across Western Europe right now -- I think we need to start paying really close attention because here in this country, we are right on the cusp of that purge, getting rid of Christianity from the public marketplace. And what’s going to fill the void? It will be secular humanism."

Watch the entire segment below via David Edwards.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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