"Enormous crime-fighting butt-plugs": Larry Wilmore lampoons ridiculous new police robots

The "Nightly Show" host takes a look at the latest in policing technology: A crime-fighting robot

Published January 8, 2016 1:09PM (EST)

Larry Wilmore is a proud nerd when it comes to science, tech and science fiction. But on Thursday evening's "Nightly Show" he revealed the latest in policing technology: crime-fighting robots.

"And they don't look like enormous crime-fighting butt-plugs at all," Wilmore joked.

Basically, these robots roam around 24/7 and they have the capability to see, hear, feel and smell. If that sounds ominous, Wilmore agrees. "This is a disaster waiting to happen. Have you guys seen any movie?" he asked. "This rarely ends well."

Correspondent Rory Albanese reported on the ground in Silicon Valley where these robots are being placed, and explained that each one has a patented "policing chip" inside, "so that they respond just like real police, only better!" Albanese explained.

It all seemed awesome until fellow comedian Mike Yard walked in wearing a hoodie. You can guess where this was going. Yup. They respond just like a real policeman!

Check it out in the video below:

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By Sarah Burris

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