Jimmy Kimmel just solved the State of the Union's biggest problem

"Grit, good humor, and kindness" could be represented with a muscle arm, a laughing smiley face and a heart

Published January 14, 2016 11:36AM (EST)

Ratings were down for the State of the Union this years, particularly among younger views. This is happening more and more so Jimmy Kimmel came up with an idea to make it more hip for the kids these days on his Wednesday night recap: Emojis.

Things like "grit, good humor, and kindness" could all be represented easily with a muscle arm, a crying while laughing smiley face, and a pink heart. "That have helped America travel so far" translates into an American flag and a rocket ship. See! Super easy to run those translations along the bottom of the screen.

Check out the rest:

By Sarah Burris

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