Patton Oswalt's hilarious "Star Wars" analogy will redefine how you watch these movies: “Let’s do a line of coke off of the light saber”

The comedian and superfan shared his generational theory of the "Star Wars" universe with Conan last night

Published January 14, 2016 3:31PM (EST)

Comedian Patton Oswalt joined Conan Wednesday night to talk “Star Wars” and [record scratch] “My Little Pony”?

Asked his thoughts on the new “Star Wars,” Oswalt likened the original trilogy to “your 1970s drinking, snorting coke buddies.”

Then, with the prequel trilogy, “they sobered up and started getting into government and how congress works.”

“And now it’s like they’ve gone through an ugly divorce. And they’re like, ‘Let’s get coke and go drinking again,’” Oswalt said of “The Force Awakens.”

Oswalt also said he tried to share his passion for the franchise with his six-year-old daughter, who’s “into ‘My Little Pony’ the way I was into ‘Star Wars’ back in 1977.”

“I wanted to take her so bad to see ‘Star Wars,’” Oswalt said. “But I showed her ‘Star Wars’ Episode 4, the original ‘Star Wars’ … and she was, ‘Eh.’ She didn’t hate it, but she was like, ‘Eh, I’m done.’”

Oswalt, whose father was a marine and mother was a legal secretary, said he found "Star Wars" on his own, and wants the same for his daughter, adding, “I didn’t want to be the 'Star Wars' version of the Great Santini.”

Watch Oswalt on Conan below:

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