When even dad's given up: Ron Paul admits Trump, not son Rand, most likely to be GOP nominee

Of course, Ron Paul also thinks the polls are "generally rigged" so Rand "may well surprise everybody"

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published January 21, 2016 3:09PM (EST)

  (Reuters/Jim Young/Kevin Lamarque/Photo montage by Salon)
(Reuters/Jim Young/Kevin Lamarque/Photo montage by Salon)

It looks like Rand Paul's latest desperate attempt for attention, using a “Lord of the Rings" reference to compare leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to to a power-hungry Gollum while offering himself as a heroic Samwise Gamgee, was not enough to secure even his own father's confidence in his nearly impossible bid for the White House.

In a interview Wednesday on Newsmax's Steve Malzberg Show, Paul's father, Ron, admitted that his son's chances at winning the Republican nomination were in jeopardy while blusterous former reality TV star Donald Trump had a "realistic" shot at the nomination.

"[Rand] has a different position on civil liberty and the war on drugs and Fox [said]: 'No way, we're not going to have you out there. We're going to find a way to exclude you.' So they excluded Rand Paul," the elder Paul explained, complaining of the last debate rules -- which Rand chose to boycott after being forced to the so-called "kiddie table" by his low poll numbers. "And they're in a tizzy now, the Republican Party, because they got to change the rules again because we certainly don't want to help Trump," the former congressman and failed Republican presidential candidate continued.

"It is a very unfair system. The political system is very corrupt," Paul contended, going on to explain that Trump's dominance has been buoyed by polls which he argued are "generally rigged."

According to the Huffington Post poll tracker, Rand Paul stands at 2.7 percent nationally while Trump commands the lead with 37.4 support.

After railing against a supposed Republican establishment conspiracy against Rand and trying his best to sell his son's longshot chances at securing the GOP presidential nomination, telling Malzberg that "I think he may well surprise everybody because he has a good organization and caucus states are different," the elder Paul was forced to admit that at his rate of dominance, the former host of the "The Apprentice" is more likely to be the favored GOP candidate.

Malzberg cut into Paul's rant to ask, “realistically is Trump going to be the nominee?”

After an extended pause, Paul lowered his voice and admitted: “At this point, it certainly is realistic."

"But," he quickly added, "if I had a limited sum of money that I thought, you know, it's a sure bet, I probably wouldn't invest a whole lot."

In the past, Paul has said of Trump that although "on occasion he comes up with a correct idea," he is an “authoritarian" who "wants to run people lives and run the world and run the economy because that is the way he lives his live."

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By Sophia Tesfaye

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