Loser! Right-wing pundits thrilled with Donald Trump's surprising loss in Iowa

Explanations centered on Trump's decision to skip last week's Fox News debate and the campaign's weak organization

Published February 2, 2016 5:12PM (EST)

 Donald Trump (Reuters/Rick Wilking)
Donald Trump (Reuters/Rick Wilking)

Months of hype and bloviation leading up to the Iowa caucuses ended with a massive disappointment for Donald Trump on Monday, as the erstwhile Republican front-runner suffered a humbling defeat at the hands of Ted Cruz. Twitter, naturally, had some fun:

As of Tuesday morning, loser.com is still redirecting to Trump's Wikipedia page.

Twitter also dug up this old Trump tweet from 2014:

Anti-Trump Republicans made no attempt to hide their delight:

Conservative Twitter's explanations for Trump's loss generally centered on his decision to skip last week's Fox News debate and the campaign's lack of on-the-ground organization:

Other pundits were quick to point out that a loss in Iowa doesn't mean that Trump is going away anytime soon:

All Trump supporters like right-wing troll extraordinaire Ann Coulter could do was downplay the significance of the result and look forward to the New Hampshire primary:

Trump broke a long (for him) Twitter silence of about 15 hours to put his spin on the loss Tuesday morning:

Loser.Com Redirects Users To Donald Trump's Wikipedia Page

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