College students were asked simple questions about politics and history and their answers are a dramatic wake up call about the state of our education system

This video is the most terrifying thing you will see today

Published February 3, 2016 10:20PM (EST)

A political student group at Texas Tech University released a video named "Politically-Challenged." In the video students were asked very simple questions like "Who is the vice president?" and "Who won the Civil War?" and their answers were nothing short of appalling.

The student group that created the video, PoliTech, released an official statement saying, "This video is not a criticism of the school’s academics, but instead a bold message to college students everywhere to be more politically involved."

The group added, "Could these students have answered these questions correctly if they were on a written exam? We believe so. But the video shows that political matters are not what’s currently on college student’s minds. Instead, they are pre-occupied with useless pop-culture that is constantly being fed to them by today’s media."

Though the video was originally published more than a year ago it has again become a relevant commentary on the political knowledge of youth, especially during election season.

Watch our edit of the video here and you can view the entire video here.

By Janet Upadhye

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