Seth Meyers rumbles with Martin Shkreli, levels Big Pharma

Taking the Fifth before Congress, Meyers said, Shkreli "did what he does best: looking like a real slappable prick"

Published February 10, 2016 11:40AM (EST)

On Tuesday's "Late Night," Seth Meyers took a closer look at the "so-called 'bad boy' of pharma," Martin Shkreli.

Shkreli made a name for himself by price-gouging AIDS drugs last fall and has since been workshopping an evil villain character complete with "goons."

Shkreli appeared before a Congressional oversight committee last week and, according to Meyers, in addition to repeatedly pleading the Fifth, "did what he does best: looking like a real slappable prick."

Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan--whose one-off album, "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin," Shkreli bought at auction for $2 million last year--has been trading TMZ diss-vids with Shkreli since finding out the highest bidder was the "shithead" pharma-bro.

In his latest diss-vid, Ghostface "introduced his own, far superior goons: his mother and sister," according to Meyers. Donning T-shirts bearing Shkreli's "slappable" face, Ghostface's family chides the former-Turing CEO with a familiar air of self-awareness that makes the beef all the more difficult to take seriously.

"Let's not get distracted from the real issue," Meyers continued. "Shkreli's not alone. He's just doing what pharmaceutical companies already do--except he's being loud and conniving about it, while they're being secretive about it."

Watch the full segment below:

Wu-Tang Clan Fan Sues Martin Shkreli & RZA

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