Trump-loving Alex Jones compares Bernie Sanders to Hitler and calls for his supporters to have their "jaws broken"

The right-wing conspiracy theorist has taken on an ugly obsession with Sanders as he rises to challenge Trump

By Sophia Tesfaye
Published February 12, 2016 2:53AM (UTC)
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The right-wing lunacy that is the Republican presidential campaign this cycle shows no signs of letting up heading into the notoriously nasty South Carolina primary and now the conspiratorial right-wing radio host backing frontrunner Donald Trump's campaign, Alex Jones, is comparing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to Hitler and calling for violent attacks against his supporters.

Perhaps America's biggest conspiracy theorist, Jones is the purveyor of the "false flag" meme that has so infected right-wing media and animates right-wing extremists. Jones believes 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the San Bernardino shooting, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were all "false flags."


Although Jones has yet to expressly endorse Trump, Media Matters' Eric Hananoki has documented the Trump campaign's extensive courtship of the shock jock in recent days, noting that the Trump campaign sent senior policy adviser (Trump apparently has policy) Stephen Miller to Jones' show this week to help spread Trump's get out the vote message.

"We have to defend [Trump] because the ideas he's putting out in general are very good," Jones told his listeners.

Of course, Trump believes he saw "thousands" of Muslims celebrating on rooftops in New Jersey on 9/11, so it should come as no surprise that the two extremists share fond feelings for each other. Jones has called Trump a “modern day George Washington.”


"You’ll be very, very impressed," Trump told Jones, speaking of a Trump presidency. "I think we’ll be speaking a lot."

Now Jones' boosterism of Trump has turned to a violent obsession with one Democratic candidate and a determined campaign to smear "Creature Bernie Sanders."

"This is the most gang mentality, dumbed-down, it's like, 'We want to elect Hitler, he says he'll invade France and give us free stuff,'" Jones ranted about the Sanders campaign last week.


Jones has described Sanders as "a hardcore commie who wants to put me in a forced relocation camp like Mao Zedong":

Sanders is "the second coming of V.I. Lenin. He's a dangerous, evil, evil man ... he's a piece of filth. And he knows exactly what he's doing preying on you and your family," according to Jones, whose fearful and hateful toxin mixes better with Trump's brand of xenophobic venom.


As for the progressive voters supporting Sanders, Jones suggested that they deserve a beat down.

"You need to have your jaws broken," Jones threatened on his show last week, warning that Sanders' young supporters will "burn in the camps later wishing [they'd] done something."

Calling Sanders "the final plague” that will bring down America," Jones lamented that Sanders voters "won’t learn from history" during his show Thursday.


"You won’t learn from the nightmare of socialism and collectivism and communism when it puts all these nobodies on top of you who revel in black uniforms and checkpoints and making your wife have sex with them so you can have a job."

Take a listen to a bit of Jones' hateful rant, if you can stand it, via Right Wing Watch:

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