Donald Trump vows never to use profanity again — at least not in public, or near hot mics

"I won't use foul language," he said, mere days after calling Ted Cruz "a pussy" for decrying torture

By Scott Eric Kaufman
February 12, 2016 7:17PM (UTC)
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Donald Trump (Reuters/Rick Wilking)

During a speech in Baton Rouge Thursday night, GOP front-runner and profanity aficionado Donald Trump -- it's not the first time he's used that word in public -- vowed not to use profanity at campaign events anymore, a decision that likely had nothing to do with poll results in South Carolina indicating that denizens of the state are unimpressed by his "crassness."

He was about to say something horrible about "political hacks," but then backed off, saying "I won't use foul language. I'm just not going to do it -- I'm not going to do it."


Trump acknowledged that the crowd was exhorting him to do it -- a way of cursing, or as it's called in Baton Rouge, "cussing" -- without actually using any profanity. "They're all saying, 'Do it! Do it!' I'm not. That's better, right?" he asked, as if he'd never before considered whether it's better to use profanity or belong to civil society.

"Even if it's not a bad word," he continued, "if it's a little bit off, [political hacks] kill me, so I won't do it. I'll never do it again, actually," he added, likely much to the consternation of the very people who applauded his calling Texas Senator Ted Cruz a "pussy" for not embracing waterboarding in last Saturday night's GOP debate.

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