Colbert takes on GOP has-beens: "The field is getting almost as small as LGBT voters for Ted Cruz"

Finally, a proper farewell for the recently departed from Stephen Colbert

By Brendan Gauthier

Published February 18, 2016 12:54PM (EST)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert assembled his "tributes" (the 2016 presidential candidates left standing) for another iteration of his popular "Hungry for Power Games" segment.

Of the remaining candidates, Colbert said, "The field is getting almost as small as LGBT voters for Ted Cruz."

Before he could begin, however, Colbert had to give proper sendoff to "former Pennsylvania senator and Sunday School teacher who gives out homework," Rick Santorum, who "recently announced his withdrawal from the race."

"Of course, as a good Catholic," Colbert added, "withdrawal is the only method he approves of."

Colbert then extended a farewell to more recently withdrawing GOP candidate Jim Gilmore, thought "un-killable" when he refused to drop out after receiving a total twelve votes in Iowa: "They didn't need computers to count his votes; they used doughnuts."

"Why did you drop out?" Colbert asked Gilmore, who received 133 votes in New Hampshire--over eleven times the votes he got in Iowa. Following that exponential curve, Colbert determined that "at that rate, just seven states later, you would have hit [crunches numbers] 2.5 billion votes."

"Which is one for every pig that would have flown over your inauguration," Colbert added.

Watch the full roast below:

Jim Gilmore Drops Out of Presidential Race

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