Stephen Colbert will not miss Jeb Bush: "Jeb distinguished himself as a moderate by making a moderate effort"

Farewell to yet another White House hopeful from the "Late Show" Hungry for Power Games

Published February 23, 2016 1:00PM (EST)

With the South Carolina primary in the rearview, it was time for "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert to assemble his ever-thinning herd of tributes for another edition of "Hungry for Power Games."

"He had all the advantages of name recognition, but was saddled with the burden of name recognition," Colbert said of Jeb Bush, the most recent candidate to throw in the towel. "President Jeb distinguished himself as a moderate by making a moderate effort."

"I, for one, will always respect tribute Jeb. For even as his campaign collapsed around him, he never lost his dignity," Colbert added before showing video of Jeb's now well-known "please clap" gaffe. "He said, 'Please clap,' and they did. If only he'd said, 'Please vote for me.'"

Watch the full segment below:

Jeb Bush's Most Awkward Campaign Moments

By Brendan Gauthier

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