"Let Trump be your nominee": Al Sharpton explains how Hillary or Bernie can win the black vote

Sharpton visits the Larry Wilmore show, defends Obama legacy: "19 million people got healthcare"

Published February 24, 2016 12:55PM (EST)

"Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore welcomed Al Sharpton to his panel last night to discuss the black vote and Obama's legacy ahead of this coming Saturday's Democratic primary battle in South Carolina.

Asked if Bernie Sanders has a realistic chance of garnering black supporters, Sharpton -- who met with Sanders over lunch in Harlem after the senator's decisive victory in New Hampshire -- said, "I think that if he addresses the issues, and can convince people that they can trust that he will enact them, he does."

"We get pinpointed in one area, so they come talk to us about one aspect ... we want what everyone gets across the board," Sharpton added. "I think that by just talking to us (black voters) like, 'Oh, you have these set problems,' like we're different, is really in many ways condescending."

But when "Nightly Show" contributor Mike Yard argued for Obama's inefficacy by citing the black unemployment rate being double that of whites in America, Sharpton was not cool with it.

"What figures have you looked at, Mike?" Sharpton shot back, citing an 8% increase in black employment under President Obama, "still double whites but half of what it was" under President Bush.

Sharpton wasn't done, though:

"19 million people got healthcare, a disproportionate amount black. We've got a president that appointed not one but two black Attorneys Generals, that started dealing with mass incarceration and all. I think that Obama did a great job."

Watch the full panel below:

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