“We have to bring them to heel”: Watch a decade of Hillary Clinton's shameful hypocrisy on racism

Hillary has a race problem

Published March 1, 2016 3:47PM (EST)

Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Williams interrupted Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser in South Carolina mansion accusing the candidate of hypocrisy on race and holding a sign that read “We have to bring them to heel” — in reference to a line from Clinton’s 1994 “super-predator” speech.

And Williams was exactly right.

Clinton has a long history of switching positions on race when it suits her — she preaches about the prison system and its devastating effects on the African-American community yet supported “tough on crime” laws that led to mass incarceration of black Americans.

Watch our roundup of more than ten years of Clinton's hypocrisy on racism.

By Patrice Waite

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