Melissa Harris-Perry tears into MSNBC's "culture of fear" on Twitter

Days after her MSNBC show's cancellation, Melissa Harris-Perry ripped the network in a string of critical tweets

By Michael Garofalo
March 2, 2016 7:43AM (UTC)
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Days after her MSNBC show's cancellation, Melissa Harris-Perry lashed out at the network in a string of critical tweets Tuesday.

Last week, Harris-Perry announced in an email to coworkers that she would boycott her own MSNBC show, citing frustrations over a lack of editorial control and repeated preemptions by election coverage. On Sunday, MSNBC confirmed that it would part ways with Harris-Perry.


"The Melissa Harris-Perry Show" frequently focused on issues of race and diversity, and Harris-Perry was quick to note on Twitter that other MSNBC presenters of color had also recently been shelved:

Harris-Perry then proceeded to address her departure, detail her ongoing severance negotiations with MSNBC, and criticize MSNBC — and cable news in general — for its lack of diversity:

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