This is what happens when Donald Trump catches you wearing a "KKK endorses Trump" t-shirt to his rally

"In the good old days they'd rip him out of that seat so fast"

Published March 2, 2016 5:09PM (EST)

At a Donald Trump rally in Oklahoma City, Trump had a rather odd response to a protestor, as reported by CNN.

Just behind Trump, a man held a sign that read "Islamophobia is not the answer." He later took off his jacket to reveal a t-shirt with the words "KKK endorses Trump" and a yellow star meant to symbolize those worn by Jews during the Holocaust.

After much commotion coming from the crowd, Trump stopped his speech, walked over to the man, and simply stared him down until security intervened.

Trump then reminisces on the "good old days" when "law enforcement acted a lot quicker than this" — and then blames the whole thing on political correctness.

Watch for yourself.

By Asha Parker

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